Greenroom Audio Recording Rehearsal


"If Carlsberg made recording studios... they would copy Greenroom!"

Admittedly, a bold statement, but we feel we have good reasons to make this claim. Whilst many studios boast the latest equipment and advertise "brochure quality" workspaces, we at Greenroom feel that we can help you create the very best end-product for one simple reason... We listen! (Although we ALSO possess the lastest equipment & have amazing workspaces!)

Customer satisfaction and repeat business is our #1 aim and we have achieved this over many years through our understanding and knowledge, not to mention our passion for great music! Our studio manager, Stewart Robertson, is a respected industry professional for over 20 years and is committed to achieving great results but will also take the time to guide you through the recording process and ensure your session runs smoothly.

As a small business, our results and ultimately our referrals are very important to us so we hope you will join our long list of satisfied clients and choose Greenroom for your next session.


Our rates vary on a case-by-case basis so please call for a quote.

Examples include (but not limited to):

  • FULL DAY RECORDING (8 hours) 5-Piece band - £320
  • "Live In The Live Lounge" (4 hours) - £300. This service includes full multi-track recording of your bands' live performance with editing and mixdown. Video and lighting can also be provided if required.
  • Solo singer with backing tracks - £30 per hour

No two clients have the same requirements so please call Stewart on 07974 692 590 to discuss your session and get a competitive quote.



Midas Verona 320 32-Channel Recording Console

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Studio Display x 2

Motu 2408 x 2 (32channel I/O)

Steinberg Cubase Professional

Waves Mercury Plug-In Bundle

PSP Audioware

NI KONTAKT with various sample libraries

Steve Slate Drums

+ many more plug-in effects and instruments


Studiologic SL-880 88-Note Weighted Controller

Korg M1 Workstation Synth

Korg Prophesy Modelling Synth

Roland JV-1080 Module

Roland U-220 Module

Akai S-1000 Sampler

Novation Drumstation

Alesis HR-16B Drum Machine

Roland R-8 Drum Machine


Amek / Neve 9098 Microphone Preamp

UREI 7110 Compressor

Klark Technic DS-504 Comp Limiter

Drawmer Quad Gate

TL Audio 5021 Stereo Valve Compressor

TL Audio 5013 Valve EQ

Lexicon PCM-70 Reverb & Lexicon PCM-90 Reverb

Roland SDE-3000 Delay

Roland GP-16 Guitar Effects

Yamaha SPX-990 Multi Effects


Neumann U-87

Blue Blueberry (x2)

SE Electronics Gemini

SE Electronics 4400 (x3)

SE Electronics SE-4

SE Electronics Z-5600a

Shure SM-57 (x6) SM-58 (x6) BETA 91 (x6)

AKG 451, Sennheiser MD-421, MD-604, MD-609

Beyer Dynamic DT-100 (x2)

Sennheiser HD-25 (x2)